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Howard Newitt and
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We ask that people bring some along to meets so we can pool and share (we supply the liquid tea and mugs!)

NEW: We are now taking advertisements on the Coakham Website - and the excellent equine vets, Milbourne Equine, are our first client! If you would like to advertise, please contact Master and Treasurer Lindsay Newitt, M 07808 170 804 for details.

First Time Out Guide
We offer a wide range of meets, some with very little jumping at all, and even on the hedge days there are always ways round. The photos show us all jumping hedges because we all love those on our mantleshelves but you do not have to jump them! However, you do need a fit horse and sound brakes.


New Merchandise Page now up

A message from Master Roger (retired)

YouTube video of Oxendean, Jevington
Helen McAll's quite excellent HatCam sequences to music!

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The BBC film of the Coakham - finally on YouTube!!!

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Will Cursham's Horse & Hound write up IS HERE - Hunting Humans in Bear Country.

"I have to say that researching this pack is a writer’s dream. They have one of the best hunt websites that I have seen, jammed with information". Photos and pdf of the article reproduced with thanks to Horse & Hound Horse and Hound photos:- Album 1 - Album 2 - Album 3 for an animation of the last hedge
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Tributes: Major Nigel Budd and John Lloyd

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Frankham Farm 2006 - 877 views, a 5* ranking and the following comment: "as a fellow bloodhound owner and horse lover, this was awesome to watch,,scarey but awesome, I hope no horses were injured or rider"

Larkins Brewery 2006
1087 views and the following comment:"how come those Bh's walk with the lead horse? this is very interesting. WHy do some horses appraoch the jump but then turn away? What are the BH's tracking,,thanks"
Bassetts Manor 2006 -

Firle Place 2006

Mickey and the quad stuck at Larkins

1093 views and a 5* ranking

The Coakham Wooden Horse race night:

The Coakham at Cherry Croft (to music!!)

1224 views and the following comment: "wow what a beautiful dogs and horses together!! worship."

Hever 2007

Penshurst 2007

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The American Film Crew's Pitch Film from Bookers Farm -


Sunday 14th September, from 4pm to about 6pm.
The meet will be in the field south of Underriver House, postcode TN15 0SJ,
by kind permission of the Owlett family.
There will be no jumping but plenty of opportunity for a canter.
Dress will be ratcatcher (tweed) and the cap will be £15.

September 21st 2014 from Montague, Hankham

with optional jumps on
From Montague, Hankham Hall Road, Hankham,
Nr. Pevensey, East Sussex, BN24 5BB

9.30 am – 1.00 pm
in aid of
Coakham Bloodhounds, Cancer Research
& Children with Cancer Fund Polegate


Coakham at Peterborough - Champion Bloodhound Invader

The results from Peterborough Bloodhound Show
Entered Dog 1st Coakham Invader
Unentered Bitch 1st Coakham Romance 2nd Coakham Debra
Entered Bitch 1st Coakham Empress 2nd Coakham Hyacinth
Couples 2nd Coakham Honey and Humble
Champion Bloodhound in show Coakham Invader
He is the 16th Coakham champion in the last 18 years



Possible new dates Sunday 7th September or Tuesday 9th September

Coakham Bloodhounds annual beach ride.
Everyone very welcome to come along. Parking is in field behind the Star Inn Normans Bay. Postcode BN245QG. Gates open from 4.45 and we hope to leave for beach at 5.30 pm. The star inn are willing to stay open for meals so why not make an evening of it. £10 adults and children £5. All enquires Kate Miles 07910361142.

From Master Clare: It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that John "Potto" Glessing died last week on Wednesday 30th July,the day before his 90th birthday.

He was one of the bloodhounds most loyal supporters, allowing them to meet at Montague regularly for pre season days, sponsored rides and the St Huberts day meet. He retired from riding when his horse became to old but was always very pleased to see everyone else enjoying themselves.

Our love and best wishes goes to Gogo, Gundrada,and her sisters and all of the family.The Memorial Service will be on September 12th - details to follow.




Click Here to Go to the Season's Photos - now is the time to Splash your cash and please do buy them, it's the end if the season and Nigel has been at almost every meet taking great photos!



Another season is over and hounds have been out hunting on 42 days. Unfortunately we lost several days due to the very wet ground conditions and some meets were relocated to the drier ground on the South Downs where the farmers were very generous in allowing us return visits to their land. Our deep thanks go to all the farmers and landowners who support us.

The season’s new entry have hunted well, especially those out of Edam who was given to us by the Midland Bloodhounds of Holland. Surprise has also entered well and when he is out everyone can say they know the name of at least one of the hounds ! During the four week break when meets were cancelled by the wet weather, hounds lost their hunting fitness, despite increasing their daily exercise and holding two Sunday hunt rides. Trotting on the roads, though popular with the farrier, is no substitute for the galloping they get when hunting and it took 3 weeks to get them back to full fitness again. We had good support for meets at the end of the season when the ground then turned rock hard. It never ceases to amaze me how hounds are able to hunt the tramlines through the fields of rape with the overpowering smell of its yellow flowers.

We must all thank the Quarry who have turned up in sometimes atrocious conditions and cheerfully run across the country giving us our sport. I am sure they will always remember the day from Bo Peep when with gale force winds, horizontal rain and 15 yards visibility, they ran along the top of the Downs nearly giving them hypothermia and still the hounds managed to hunt them down ! We are always looking for more quarry runners as no one can be at every meet, so if you know of anyone suitable please get them to contact me.

A big thank you must go to Masters Clare, Alex, Sally, Lindsay and Paul who liaise with farmers and put on the days hunting. This takes a lot of work and time, and doesn’t just happen easily. The most frustrating of all is when all the work is done, the hedges cut, jumps built, routes devised and maps drawn – all to no avail when the day is cancelled due to the weather conditions. So please on a day’s hunting remember it is polite and traditional to address them as “Master” as a mark of respect for all they do for your sport. I must also thank everyone who has helped with the hounds at home and in the field. The new idea of calling on members of the field to come up and help with the hounds is going well. So don’t be shy if you are asked. Looking after the hounds gives a new dimension to your day’s hunting and you won’t have time to worry about the next big hedge with so much else to think about !

We have had some great fundraising events : the Supporters Club Race Night; the tremendous Hunt Ball and a perfect day for the ever popular Barons Grange Sponsored Ride. A big thank you to all who helped make these events a great success. Do please support Hunt events; not only are they fun, they also help raise vital funds to keep the Hunt going. My grateful thanks also go to Jo Field who drives the Quarry around and to Chris Field who makes the best cup of tea of the week ! Nigel, the photographer, has also been out at most meets and his high quality photos are always eagerly anticipated.

The BBC have filmed the hounds and instead of having them disrupt a day’s hunting, I organized a day just for them, which was just as well as they kept asking us to do retakes. At the moment it is scheduled to be shown on the One Show on 23 rd May. We have no control over what they say, so let’s hope it’s something nice !

After last season’s large entry, this year we only have 5 young hounds to enter. As usual they will be judged at the Puppy Show to be held on Sunday 6 th July. This is just before the Hound Show at Peterborough where we will be competing as we do each year. Last year Solomon was Champion Hound. He was the 15 th Peterborough Champion the Coakham have had in the last 17 years (the other 2 years we had Reserve Champion) and two years running we had Champion and Reserve Champion.

We will be parading at shows throughout the summer. Heathfield and Bexhill are at the end of May, so if anyone would like to help, please contact me. A photo of the Coakham Bloodhounds is used on the front of promotional material for the Kent County Show.

Lastly, thank you all for supporting the Coakham this season. We were the first Bloodhound pack in the country to start hunting and the last to finish. Let’s all look forward to a great next season – and hopefully a drier one !

Nic Wheeler


NIGEL GODDARD'S PHOTOS 2013 - 2014 Season

PHOTOS 2013 - 2014 Season

Morghew Park, Tenterden - Closing Meet - http://www.ksdigital.co.uk/portfolio346273.html

Nigel's Photos from St Michaels, Easter Friday

Austen's Wood

Folkington Manor ALBUM

Kennel Pub Ride ALBUM


Nigel's photos from the Children's Hound Excercise


Nigel's photos from the pub ride: http://www.ksdigital.co.uk/coakham-bloodhounds-royal-oak-castle

Nigel's Photos from Bo Peep


Nigel's Photos from Street Farm, Jevington

Nigel's Photos from Oxendean Farm, Jevington



Nigel's Photos from Northease


Nigel's Photos from the Boxing Day meet at the Eight Bells Jevington

Nigel's Photos from Baron's Grange Xmas Meet

Nigels photos from The Kennels Meet and Montague

The Kennels Meet



Nigel's photos from Larkins Brewery

December 1
Larkins Brewery, Chiddingstone.
By kind invitation of Mr B Docherty.

Nigel's photos from Rickney Farm


November Wednesday 27
Rickney Farm, Rickney Bridge.
By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs R Miles.

Nigel's Photos from The St Clere Estate


On Sunday 24th November hounds met on the St Clere Estate, the guests of Mr and Mrs Ecclestone.
This was a new meet for the Coakham and was greeted with much excited anticipation.  The day dawned grey and drizzly, threatening the promised views and Autumn colours on this lovely estate. Despite the weather Miss Jorrocks was in good spirits as she set off for the meet. 
Master Paul Blagg had promised earlier in the week that the day would be very suitable for Miss Jorrocks who, as regular readers know, is a lady of a certain age and of a nervous disposition.  Those earlier promises did not prevent Master Blagg from regaling Miss Jorrocks with descriptions of the timber, hedges and ditches she must jump some of which, he declared, would be so large that Miss Jorrocks would have to lean so far back that she would practically be sitting on the horse behind.  Miss Jorrocks paled, took a second glass of port, and told her parking companion, Carol Kaye, her emergency instructions (keys are here, emergency numbers are on the dog).  In the event the jumps were either perfectly reasonable or optional.  Naughty Master Blagg frightening a lady so!
After "parish notices" a small and very competent field set off to hunt behind a mixed pack of  twelve couple following three Quarry captained by Garth.  Hounds were in excellent form and tore along the scent in full cry.  The St Clere Estate certainly lent itself to deeply enjoyable hunting as the going was good, the headlands wide and the viewing truly excellent. Miss Jorrocks positioned herself towards the back of the field and made a judicious selection of the fences she would tackle and those she would avoid.  The day had been thought out with great consideration and no time was lost in taking this option so that everyone was up together all day.  A testament to good mastership and careful planning.
Three long hunts made up the day, two in the valley and one on the steep escarpment of the North Downs, where the views were, indeed, stunning.  The day was not without its excitement - crossing the A21 on a road bridge had Miss Jorrocks clinging to her neckstrap and praying she would not make the news for hurtling over the balustrade and onto the traffic below - a fantasy her mare found utterly ridiculous as she picked her way across. Nevertheless Miss Jorrocks was very relieved to discover that the return crossing of the A21 would be undertaken by tunnel, which reverberated with our hoof beats such as to make us sound like a veritable cavalry of many hundreds rather than a field of perhaps just twenty. 
All the horses needed a wash down at the end of the day but the mud was not so thick or clinging that the undertaking was massive and we were soon at Tea, where Master Sally had turned out a delicious carrot cake and Jane Baker's niece, Daisy, had provided some delightful cookies.  Everything looked so lovely that very little remained as people said good night and drifted homeward.
Miss Jorrocks thought the day a great success and hopes it will feature on future cards.


Nigel's photos from Colbran's Farm


November 17
Frankham Farm, Mark Cross.
By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Watts.

Nigel's Photos

November Wednesday 13
Absalmons Farm, Underriver.
By kind invitation of The Owlett Family.

Nigel's Photos

November 10
Attwood Farm, Bodle Street Green.
By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs J Petrides & Mr & Mrs N Godwin.

Nigels Photos Click Here

November 3
Montague, Hankham BN24 5BB.
By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs J Glessing & Mr & Mrs M Hole.

Photos can be seen at http://www.ksdigital.co.uk/coakham-bloodhounds-montague-november-2013


On Sunday 3rd November hounds met at Montague, Hankham - the guests of the Hole and Glessing families.
This beautiful farm, steeped in history and over looking ancient Pevensey, is a perfect back drop for what has become a time honoured ritual of the Coakham Bloodhounds.
A large field crammed in to every nook and crook of the yard as port and whisky mac circulated freely along with savoury nibbles. Socialising over we came to the main feature of the meet - the blessing of the hounds and the horses.  Reverend Albert took to his "pulpit" and pronounced over us whilst the hounds looked on solemnly and even the horses stood still, well mostly.
Then we were off, down the hill and straight out onto the award winning grassland.  How lucky we were as the ground was wet and squelchy and everywhere hoof prints abounded.  We can only hope Martin, our host and custodian of the land, did not look too closely as he smiled his benign and twinkling welcome at those of us galloping about enjoying the thrill of the chase.
Our Master for the day, Clare Miles, had effected some judicious pruning and took us over less fences than usual and by shorter routes, but what a day we had as St Hubert smiled upon us and held off the rain.
Miss Jorrocks can vouch that the ground was some of the wettest ever as her mare missed her footing over a small fence and deposited Miss Jorrocks sprawling into the mud, whereupon freed of her lumbering burden she galloped off in pursuit of the field and left Miss Jorrocks to it!  Miss Jorrocks is particularly grateful to those solicitous of her welfare, Lisa who retrieved her horse and Master Paul Blagg who showed immense patience as Miss Jorrocks searched around for precisely the right spot from which to remount.  Miss Jorrocks is pleased to report that her enjoyment of the day was undiminished despite have wet undergarments and soggy breeches!
And so to Tea, where an enormous pot of Chilli con Carne and camaraderie awaited. St Hubert himself could not have wished for better.
Miss Jorrocks wishes to post a "parish notice" - she retrieved a pony club tie from outside the Hole's house and would be very pleased to reunite it with its owner.

October 27
Iden Park, Iden. TN31 7XD
By kind invitation of Mr Glenn Wassall & Mr Neven Znaor.
Parking and tea @ Barons Grange.

Iden Photos: http://www.ksdigital.co.uk/coakham-bloodhounds-iden-park-october

October 20
Cherry Croft Farm, Herstmonceux BN27 1QJ
By kind invitation of Miss Caroline Richardson

Photos: http://www.ksdigital.co.uk/portfolio328451.html


Hound Show, Peterborough on July 17th.